Zuma's Revenge!


Take on the tikis.

Experience new levels of ball-blasting action.

Leap in and conquer 69 levels of Adventure mode. Discover four new Spirit Animals (at least one of them is a monkey!) and harness their power to rev up your game. Dive in to high-stakes Iron Frog mode: 10 levels, one frog. Can you make it out alive? Battle all 8 tiki bosses in the fast-paced Boss Rush. It’s all of the action of Zuma’s Revenge!

  • Playstation Network
    • Four game modes - Includes the new Boss Rush and Iron Frog
    • Badge challenges - Power up your Spirit Animals
    • Trophies - Earn 20 awesome trophies
    • Tiki-rific visuals - Enjoy brilliant HD graphics
    • Global leaderboards - See where you and your friends rank
  • Xbox LIVE
    • Four game modes including the new Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge
    • Power up your Spirit Animals by completing badge challenges
    • Dominate all 74 leaderboards
    • Unlock new tiki-themed avatar awards
    • Earn 20 achievements
    • Enjoy brilliant HD graphics
  • All Platforms
    • Mild Cartoon Violence