Warp is a puzzle-based stealth action game where you play as Zero, a loveable-yet-lethal orange alien with a big score to settle!  Captured by the villainous Commander and imprisoned in his underwater facility, Zero must plan his ultimate escape using his arsenal of alien abilities - warp, frag, echo, swap, and launch.

  • Overview
    • Play Your Way – Players are in control. Take revenge and kill every human in the facility, or hide and plan your way through each level for a no-kills stealth approach.
    • Abilities and Upgrades – Use Warp to teleport short distances and into objects, then Frag to explode them from within. Echo a duplicate image of Zero to distract enemies or use Swap to replace similarly sized objects with Zero’s Echo image. Warp inside an object and use Launch to propel it from Zero at high speeds. Collect grub to upgrade each ability in unique and powerful ways. 
    • Challenge Rooms and Leaderboards – Compete and compare against friends in Challenge Rooms that test players’ speed and lethality in unique mazes and deadly environments. Reaching the top of the leaderboards will require true cunning and skill.
    • Unreal 3 Sci-fi Madness – The Unreal 3 engine brings cutting edge, top-down visuals to this downloadable title. Players are immersed in sci-fi madness in a persistent world as they explore the sprawling undersea facility.
    • Zero’s Journey – Warp delivers a unique and compelling story of torture and affliction in the name of science. Zero’s abduction and pursuit of revenge will have players rooting for the little orange alien that could!
    • Bossing around – Warp features epic boss battles with Zero’s enemies and reoccurring nemesis.
  • All Platforms
    • Blood and Gore
    • Strong Language
    • Violence