The Sims Life Stories


In The Sims Life Stories, you'll get to lead your Sim through a new set of life adventures.

Play through the life story of Riley as she returns home to start a new life with new friends, new experiences, and unexpected surprises. A bonus second story lets you sort out the love life of Vince, a love-struck high-tech whiz who’s been unlucky in love so far.

You create your Sims, design their dream homes, fulfill their desires (or dash their hopes), and tell their stories as they experience life’s biggest moments.

From first date to first job, from finding Mr. or Mrs. Right to building a long-lasting family legacy, take your Sims through a lifetime of unforgettable experiences.

  • Overview
    • It’s Never Been Easier to Play on Your Laptop - Specially designed to play easily and quickly at home or on the go, this laptop-friendly game features simple shortcuts and an all-new auto-pause that lets you start and stop easily when opening/closing your laptop.
    • Be Creative While Staying Connected - You can easily stay in touch with your friends by using your own IM and email while playing the game in its own window.
    • The Start of an All-New Product Line—Also Coming Soon to The Sims Stories Line: The Sims™ Pet Stories challenges your Sims to care for and train loveable but unpredictable pets, and in The Sims™ Castaway Stories you help your Sims make a new life in an unexplored island paradise. All releases in The Sims™ Stories line offer two fun ways to play, directed Story mode and open-ended Classic mode, and are designed with laptop-friendly controls that let you play even when you’re on the go!
  • All Platforms
    • Crude Humor
    • Sexual Themes
    • Violence