Surviving High School FREE for Android


Live high school YOUR way at Centerscore High!

Join the thousands of fans who are totally addicted to this one-of-a-kind interactive adventure and get an all-new free episode every week – just like your favorite TV show!

Choose your own story and get started as the New Girl or Football Star. Follow favorite characters through all-new storylines. Go to college. Play matchmaker. Hit Hawaii for spring break. Throw the best party ever. Be the Homecoming Queen!

EA Mobile
Family, Simulation
Mobile, Android
  • Overview
    • Make More Drama with an ALL-NEW FREE Episode every WEEK!
    • Live High School your way -- every choice you make your fate!
    • Make a name for yourself as THE NEW GIRL in school. Befriend the cheerleading squad, charm your crush, or beat your fiercest rival.
    • Earn a spot on the team as you become the FOOTBALL STAR. Stand up to the school bully, and get a date for the Homecoming Dance!
    • Follow familiar characters through all-new storylines
    • Get all-new FREE episodes every week