NHL 10


NHL 10 delivers the heated matches and emotions of playoff hockey. Create a custom player and bring them from rookie to pro, or control your favorite team and work toward the Stanley Cup. This addition to the NHL series includes 360-degree precision passing and additional goal scoring methods for rapid movement up the rink, while goaltenders react to shots quicker and recover from saves faster for realistic defense. Battles for the puck are more intense than ever as players find out that size does matter when they use their body to shield the puck on the boards, forecheck defenders, and more. Get into the action and aim for the top in NHL 10!

EA Canada
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
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  • Overview
    • Be the general manager - Mange your team as the GM and draft, trade, and sign players to create your own dynasty team.
    • Roar of the crowd - Playoff atmosphere pops to life with towel-waving fans, deafening noise, and fanatics banging glass, springing to their feet, and booing the opposition.
    • Bring it - The first-person fighting engine enables players to experience what it's like trade punches with an NHL tough guy. Land the punch that ignites the fans and sparks your team to victory.
    • Added authenticity - Over 200 gameplay refinements, including new offensive and defensive AI for more intelligent positioning, and new in-game facial animations that show player emotion.
    • Post-Whistle Action - The game never stops! Antagonize opposing players, finish checks, retaliate for late shots on goal, draw penalties, and pick fights-all after the referee blows the whistle!
  • All Platforms
    • Mild Violence