SPORE Creepy & Cute Parts Pack


With more than 100 new cute and creepy items at your disposal, you have even more power and flexibility to build the perfect creature. Create grotesque creatures with villainous mouths, tuberous eyes, and thorned plates, or go cuddly with big batting eyelashes, cute paws, and adorable details. You can mix and match 60 new parts in all for truly unique looks. Then apply one of 48 new paint styles, and bring it all to life with 24 new animations. And don't forget to publish your new cute and creepy creatures to share them with the world!

  • Overview
    • 60 new body parts – mouths, eyes, graspers, feet and details
    • 2 new creature editor backgrounds – 1 creepy & 1 cute
    • 36 new paint scripts (12 base, 12 coat & 12 detail)
    • 12 new paint themes
    • 24 new test drive animations – 12 creepy & 12 cute
  • All Platforms
    • Comic Mischief
    • Fantasy Violence
    • Animated Blood
    • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB