Sorry Sliders

Slide and Bump Your Pawns to Victory in This Crazy Party Game!

Sorry! Sliders has put a fun, new twist on the all-time favorite game by turning it into a "virtual" shuffle board game of sorts--where players slide their pawns to home, or slide their opponents pawns into the Sorry! spaces and off the board to win.

A good slide could score big points, but watch out! An opponent's pawn may slam your pawn onto a Sorry! space - and out of the game!

Slide, collide, and score to win!

  • Overview
    • Additional Modes -- Play with expert timing in Advanced mode, use power-ups in Battle Boxes, or create your own version of the game in Custom mode.
    • Deck Out Your Game Room -- Choose your favorite theme and earn trophies, furniture, and decorations to customize your game room.
    • Experience Hasbro Family Game Night -- Join your host MR. POTATO HEAD as you play SORRY! Sliders and other Hasbro games created for Xbox Live Arcade, including CONNECT 4,  SORRY!, BOGGLE, BATTLESHIP, and YAHTZEE.
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