SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition


Make massive cities in the most comprehensive SimCity™ ever!

In SimCity™ 4, you don’t just build your city; you breathe life into it. Sculpt mountains, dig riverbeds, and seed forests as you lay the groundwork for your creation. Then, use your god-like powers to construct the most realistic metropolis you can imagine.

Whether you want to build mansions on mountainsides or cross canyons with bridges, the impact of your decisions is immediate. But while each click of the mouse can create, it has equal capacity to destroy. Capping an erupting volcano might save your city, or it might reroute lava down busy city streets. Sending police to quell a riot might calm down the crowd, or it might spur even further anarchy. With every decision you make, your city and your Sims will respond – for better or for worse. It’s up to you to be their guide.

The SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition includes both SimCity 4 and the Rush Hour expansion pack, which gives you more control over your city’s transportation options, plus two bonus disasters: UFO attack and Autosaurus Wrecks.

Patches for SimsCity4 and SimCity 4: Rush Hour or Deluxe Edition are still available. To download the most recent patch, please click on the link for your region:

SimCity 4

SimCity 4: Rush Hour or Deluxe Edition:

  • Overview

     Sim City™ 4

    • Bring Your City to Life - Create and control the most life-like metropolis you can imagine.
    • Sculpt Your World- Breathe life into your city right from the start. Form mountains, carve valleys, plant forests, and raise oceans. New landscape creation features give you unprecedented control to lay the groundwork for your ultimate city.
    • Experience Life in the Big City - From mellow traffic flow to commuter hell, noontime crowds to nighttime calm, partygoers to troublemakers, the movement in your city is ever-changing and unpredictable.
    • Connect With Your Creation- Feel the pulse of your city in the most responsive, personal, and satisfying SimCity™ yet. Whether booming with expansion, decaying through neglect, or left abandoned, the new SimCity™ simulation engine gives you immediate feedback so you can react to its every need.
    • Protect Your Sims- Dispatch police cruisers to fight crime, get control of a tornado before it starts, or cap an erupting volcano threatening your citizens. You have ultimate power at your fingertips – but don’t be surprised if your efforts have unforeseen results.

    Rush Hour Expansion Pack

    • Own the Commute- Take complete control of roads, rail, air, waterways, and even vehicles as you create the perfect transportation system for your city. With the Rush Hour expansion, you have ultimate control.
    • U-Drive It! Missions- From chasing down bank robbers to apprehending car-jackers, the Rush Hour expansion pack affords plenty of opportunities to get behind the wheel. Completing missions can also earn you reward buildings and additional vehicles.
    • Choose Your Path - Add variety to your city with bonus road types including wide-avenues, suspension bridges, and one-way streets.
    • Go Global (and Personal) - Create a metropolis based on the European building set, or personalize creations by labeling streets, mountains, neighborhoods, and points of interest.
    • Invite Destruction- Tired of your train system? Additional disasters, from UFO invasions to massive wrecks, let you wreak havoc – creatively.
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