Need for Speed Undercover for Windows Phone


Real Cars! Real Fast! Designed just for Windows Phone 7. Enabled for Xbox LIVE®, earn achievements and track leaderboards as you power 20 of the world’s hottest high-performance cars through 24 undercover missions and 8 challenging modes of hot-pursuit action!

Use your existing Xbox LIVE Gamertag or create a new one via the Windows Phone 7 main menu to track achievements and access leaderboards for this Need for Speed Undercover game.

  • Overview
    • Acquire cars, unlock tracks, and snag bounty
    • Reach milestones, complete goals, and get up to 200 Gamerscore points
    • Access dozens of weekly, monthly, and lifetime leaderboards
    • Proudly display your Xbox LIVE avatar next to your high scores
    • Race through Head-to-Head action, Highway Battles, and Cop Takeouts
    • Go undercover in 24 covert missions
    • Customize your vehicle with aftermarket spoilers, multiple wheel options, body kits, and paint schemes
    • Earn performance upgrades and extras like Boost, Speed, Acceleration, and Handling