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POSTED BY Zfarls ON Jun 1, 2012

ZFarls Top 5 Heisman Challenge Favorites

ZFarls Top 5 Heisman Challenge Favorites

Last week, SGibs and I were able to try our hand in the new Heisman Challenge mode in NCAA Football 13. As more online and gameplay specialists, we were excited to try it but not sure about being locked into a player or how long we would last.  Three full days later, we had played and completed Heisman campaigns with all 16 legends you can use in NCAA Football 13. Here are the top 5 things that kept us locked in for so long!

5. The Videos – When you select your player, you start with a video of him talking about his recruiting process and what type of offense he would have liked to try playing in. To hear a legend like Eddie George talking about the spread or an older era QB talking about today’s game was very interesting. These videos will help you with your team selection too! Rather than stick with most teams, I really enjoyed trying players in new systems and doing what if scenarios.  I found myself thinking up situations like what if Mark Ingram was in an option offense or what if RG3 had gone to Stanford? The players will pop in during your journey and share memories from all their biggest moments.

4. The Goals- Since you’re not just trying to capture specific moments or win just a single game, goals are what guide you along your path. They are very clear and do a great job giving you an outline to your season. Some goals are for the entire year while others you have to achieve in one game. Early in the season, most goals appear on target, but once the tough division schedule and rivalry games kick in, you better hope all your practice pays off! The single game goals give a great thing to strive for each game and they really reflect just how dominant these players were in their time.

3. Special Teams – Kick and Punt Returns were something I hadn’t experienced in single player modes before, but after spending 6 hours at the first event, I could see they added it nicely. Taking over a dynamic player like Desmond Howard wouldn’t be the same without factoring in his big play ability on special teams. His goals reflect this ability and my most rewarding game was taking back two punts against his Wolverines after I stuck him on the Buckeyes! Don’t forget to use plenty of reaction time in the return game.

2. Reaction Time – The use of reaction time on the L Trigger is a great way to slow down the action and give your player time to find a lane. For QB’s, I used it as my player was hitting the last step of his drop back to see who was getting separation and to read coverage.

As a RB, I tried to find the hole and make my cut quickly. At WR, I made sure to use it as I caught the pass and made sure to really look the ball in. Get in good habits and don’t use it only when you’re in trouble. You keep refilling it with good plays and with the talent you have, there will be plenty to go around!

1. The Players – I’m sure everyone will want to play with the current cover guys RG3 and Barry Sanders, but tucked away are some really outstanding guys too! Jim Plunkett was easily my favorite player to utilize when trying out the mode. As one of the first dual threat guys, I found myself looking to make plays all over the field. Tebow has had to overcome doubts, but so did Doug Flutie who put Boston College on the map! Playing with him reminded me that it wasn’t just one Hail Mary pass that won him the Heisman, he was a star long before! My biggest game was with Herschel Walker which then led me to YouTube highlights, documentaries and Wikipedia wanting to know more about these legends!

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