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warp key art news header 723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Feb 15, 2012

Warp Explodes Onto Xbox LIVE Arcade

Today, Warp's little orange alien is making an explosive debut on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Join him in a noble quest for truth, freedom, and deliciously dark revenge in today's all-new puzzler from Trapdoor.

After far too long trapped in an underwater research facility, Zero has finally mustered the power he needs to make a real break for freedom. Warp your way through walls and objects – or into explodable human enemies – as you work your way through each unique level. With both no-kill and kill-all solutions to every puzzle, it’s up to you to decide how twisted this game gets.

Don’t own an Xbox 360? Don’t worry. Warp will be available on both the PC and PlayStation Network beginning March 13, 2012, and you can pre-order your copy for just $9.99.

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    visit the site now i tottally wamt the game
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