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NBA_Legends_Blog_MainHeader.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Mar 5, 2014

Take the Court with LIVE Ultimate Team Legends

NBA LIVE Ultimate Team (LUT) allows players to turn back the clocks and compete with some of the NBA's all-time greats. Unlock these players in packs and start using them in LUT!

Check back often, as more legends will be added over the next few weeks!

60 YEARS OF THE NBA: Utilize these legends if you want to play sound basketball. Pass the rock, stick to the fundamentals, and execute.
- Nate Archibald (1972-73)
- Allen Iverson (2000-01)
- Alonzo Mourning (1993-94)
- Oscar Robertson (1964-65)
- Dolph Schayes (1954-55)
- James Worthy (1989-90)

ELITE 80s: Big hair didn’t stop these ballers when they were flying through the air. These guys are great for high flying dunks and hard, sound defense.
- Clyde Drexler (1988-89)
- Kevin McHale (1986-87)
- Chris Mullin (1988-89)
- Robert Paris (1981-82)
- Dennis Rodman (1989-90)
- Dominique Wilkins (1985-86)

DYNAMIC DUOS: Relive that famous Jazz Pick 'n Roll or get out on the break with Payton and Kemp with some of these tandems.
- Willis Reed (1969-70) and Walt Frazier (1969-70)
- Shawn Kemp (1995-96) and Gary Payton (1995-96)
- Moses Malone (1982-83) and Julius "Dr. J" Erving (1980-81)
- John Stockton (1990-91) and Karl Malone (1989-90)
- Wes Unseld (1968-69) and Earl Monroe (1968-69)

RIVALS: Experience some of the greatest rivalries. This group plays with passion and are sure to boost the stock of your team if you pick them up.
- Larry Bird (1987-88) vs. Magic Johnson (1986-87)
- Bill Russell (1962-63) vs. Wilt Chamberlain (1961-62)
- Hakeem Olajuwon (1994-95) vs. Patrick Ewing (1989-90)

OLD SCHOOL BOBS: Don't let the short shorts fool you. These guys had game.
- Bob Cousy (1956-57)
- Bob Pettit (1959-60)

OLD SCHOOL 70s: These guys brought a level of flare and sass that up to this point, had never been seen in the NBA.
- Dave Bing (1971-72)
- John Havlicek (1973-74)
- "Pistol" Pete Maravich (1976-77)
- Michael Ray Richardson (1979-80)
- David Thompson (1979-80)
- Jerry West (1971-72)
- Lenny Wilkens (1971-72)

OLD SCHOOL 80s: Take charge with a collection of Hall of Famers, including two-time NBA Champion Isiah Thomas.
- Otis Birdsong
- Bill Walton
- George Gervin
- Alex English
- Bernard King
- Isiah Thomas

Check back soon for more details.


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