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ncaa14-auctionhouse-blogheader.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Jul 27, 2013

NFUT Auction Block Update 1

The true hallmark of any Ultimate Team player is demonstrating their expertise on the Auction Block. Managing the assets you’ve acquired from packs, bundles, and various game rewards means that you know how to find a deal. Building a team is as valuable a skill as playing games, and you can’t do either unless you’ve got the best items available.

To make sure you’re updated, we’re going to provide recent auction data pulled directly from our servers. The info below is from the week 7/23. We regularly gather this information as a seven-day moving window. Starting next week, the NCAA team will share info on trends as well.

NOTE: cost per item below is listed in Coins


  1. Peyton Manning, Award Winner
  2. Manti Te’o, Award Winner
  3. Morris Claiborne, Award Winner
  4. Darren McFadden, Award Winner
  5. Kellen Winslow Jr, Award Winner

Obviously, the Award Winner elites are very popular. The most-auctioned Heisman Hopefuls are Mark Ingram, Archie Griffin, Charlie Ward, and Jim Plunkett. The most auctioned ESPN Ultimate Team player is Edgerrin James, followed by Jerome Bettis and Michael Irvin.


  1. Peyton Manning, Award Winner
  2. Darren McFadden, Award Winner
  3. Antoine Cason, Award Winner
  4. Manti Te’o, Award Winner
  5. Morris Claiborne, Award Winner

All Award Winner elites at the top of the list, no surprise there Not making the list but coming in at #11 is the first Heisman Hopeful, Archie Griffin. At #12 is the first ESPN Ultimate Team elite for Jerome Bettis. Following him are Edgerrin James and Michael Irvin.


  1. Bo Jackson, Epic Edition, 800000
  2. Emmitt Smith, Award Winner, 325000
  3. Robert Griffin III, Heisman Hopeful, 250000
  4. Reggie White, Award Winner, 224999
  5. Barry Sanders, Heisman Hopeful, 215000

We used the Median value of auction prices to ensure that one wildly overpriced auction won’t affect rankings severely. No real surprises here, and obviously the rarer Heisman Hopefuls take center stage in this high price category.


  1. Bo Jackson, Epic Edition, 799999
  2. Charles Woodson, Heisman Hopeful, 600000
  3. Robert Griffin III, Heisman Hopeful, 255000
  4. Tim Tebow, Heisman Hopeful, 215000
  5. Emmitt Smith, Award Winner, 210000

We have our first appearance of Charles Woodson, sure not to be his last. The next ranked Heisman Hopefuls falling just outside the top ten are Marcus Allen, Tim Brown, and Herschel Walker. Other ESPN Ultimate Team elites near the top include Peter Boulware, Ricky Williams, and Michael Irvin.


  1. USC Nickname, 6999
  2. Ohio State Nickname, 6500
  3. Boston College Nickname, 3900
  4. Florida State Nickname, 3499
  5. Georgia Nickname, 3000

Again, these are median prices. Interesting to note that the silver mascots sell for three times what the gold ones are going for right now. Alabama is the top gold mascot, selling for 700 coins.


  1. Ohio State Nickname, 7000
  2. USC Nickname, 6000
  3. Florida State Nickname, 3500
  4. Alabama Nickname, 3000
  5. Boston College Nickname, 3000

We see the same trends with mascots here, as the silver ones sell for approximately three times the gold ones. We can tell from tracking collection completions that the mascot items are popular.

Next week, the NCAA Football team will reveal which players are moving around the list the most.

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