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Tiger-Woods-PGA-TOUR-14-Master-News.png POSTED BY EA Staff ON Mar 26, 2013

Take Down Legends! Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 Is Here

Featuring all four majors for the first time in franchise history, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 is the most realistic golf simulation ever made - and it's available now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Make your way through six different eras and immerse yourself in golf history as you play through the game, with each era specially treated with different visuals, equipment and apparel. Looking for more of a challenge this time around? The all-new Simulation Difficulty represents the toughest test in virtual golf. You can form your own Country Club to compete and stay connected with up to 99 of your closest friends to compete in Connected Club Tournaments or participate in five different tournaments in the Country Club Tour.

Get ready to #TakeDownLegends today!


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    shame about the bugs
    Mar 31, 2013
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    cant wait for this to come out on pc since I have not been able to play any golf since early 2012 of the masters.....
    Apr 5, 2013
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      it ain't coming to PC... EA has rewarded the faithful customers by abandoning them.... again...
      Apr 7, 2013
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      As long as there is no Kinect on PC there's no sense in releasing this game on PC.
      Apr 10, 2013
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    Unfortunately. .. . online scoring and stats are still broken for Tiger 14 as of 4/15/2013. You win; counts either as a loss, or a quit which increases your DNF (did not finish) %. I was at level 45, won 3 rounds against 3 players each (9 wins). . skill level went down?!?!?!? My Win/Loss/Tie. .. the only thing correct is the Tie. . I've won about 90%. . I'm showing roughly 40% wins.. this is from memory as the stats are horribly wrong; I've nowhere to prove it! I win, my stats suffer, I lose and it seems to have no change in the skill level, but winning hurts it! REALLLY EA. . why did I pay for an early release game, and a month later. . . still not fixed. It is also apparent that you do not want this publicly acknowledged as when I sign on either via PS3, online, or on the EA site. . I have to search for the fact that there are problems not acknowledged by EA. Neither that, or some sort of notice there is a problem, identified, and an approximate fix date. ?!??!?!
    Apr 15, 2013
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    Waiting patiently for patches/ fixes . The four leading points getters for our club in TW13 will not play TW 14 until the online play stats are fixed. That puts our club at a serious disadvantage. This is the only game I play. Spent $80+ on game. $100+ to renew Xbox live membership, $70+ for extra courses $40 to buy some pins. Folks, that is $290 I spent to play a game with friends that will not play because it is so flawed. I will give it a little more time, but not much. I will cancel my Xbox live account and seek a refund from EA. After all, they sold us a product that is defective. This game should never have been released in its current state.
    Apr 20, 2013
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    I'm so frustrated that every year at start up of game there are so many glitches. but every since 11 came out it gets worse each time and this time is no exception. the load freeze ups are the worst and don't get me started about the cant see anything glitch no flag no wind no green grid no nothing. I have been a loyal ea game player for a good many years but as of today if I cannot get any resolve for the crap being put on disc and sold to us I will no longer be purchasing any ea games ever again sorry and thanks, Joe aka. JTC_72_
    Apr 24, 2013
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    I am so disappointed in EA.SPORTS,for retireing tiger woods pga tour 12 from online play! I have been an avid golfer all my life and started playing the tiger woods games since 1999! I love playing online against fellow golfers, and this has upset my whole outlook on golf. is there anyway to play this masters 2012 game live online?, will there be another game for pc players who have a lot invested in this adventure? I am 69 yrs old and still play at local golf courses. But cant play as much
    Jun 9, 2013
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    How is it you can continually release games to the public that are almost completely unplayable due to bugs and dog that is required to play. OK maybe its not required only if you would like to play all the features of a game priced at over $70. Yeas I bought the.masters edition and it worked fine until I decided to join the online community you were bragging up. Upon my first sign in the game downloads a patch which destroyed the game. Always biting the hand that feeds you. Thanks a lot
    Jun 22, 2013
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      I could fill a book with examples of your company and employees total lack of respect for the consumer and inability to admit to and fix your problems that should not be allowed onto the shelves in the first place. I did get a nice young man in cust. service the other day who sounded truly concerned and upset with the you operate. While I enjoyed his attempt to help, he had few answers or . Sad someone wants to help and has no resources to do it. Someone take responsibility, this happens far to often for no sign of actually trying to change.
      Jun 22, 2013
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