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simcity_news_header_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 4, 2012

Take a Look at SimCity Gameplay

We've been hearing a lot from our fans who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of SimCity that they want to learn more about how the game will really look and feel. Well, wait no more!

In this video, the game's Lead Designer Stone Librande narrates how the game will work from starting your city from scratch and all the different ways you can build your city. From correctly installing your power lines to your water sources and resulting sewage pipes, you'll see how SimCity mirrors real life.

No matter what type of city you want to build and experience you're looking for you'll be able to do it in SimCity.

What do you guys think of game so far?


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    Visit the official SimCity website to learn more about the game.


Comments (11)

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    Well, from what I've been reading online, this'll have "always-on" DRM. DRM - I don't like it, but I *can* live with it. It only punishes legitimate consumers. Always-on? Forget it. You've lost me as a customer. As soon as I saw the promo videos, I was interested - then I read more news. All bad... What about playing in the back seat of the car? On the bus? In the family RV while camped in the middle of nowhere (no cell, no internet). Shame.
    Oct 5, 2012
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    I am not able to sign up or even sign in for the beta of this game SimCity Why is any one reading these please help me I can not seem to sign up I got the email for this Beta game please help! TY Here is what I keep getting! An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later or contact Customer Support if the problem persists.
    Oct 5, 2012
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    Oh I want to be a part of the Beta SimCity please help me sign up or can I use my Origin ID? I have that please help me sign up for The Beta SimCity! ty
    Oct 5, 2012
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    Am I the onlyone who is unable to login to sim city insider? Can anyone help me? Thx
    Oct 7, 2012
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    I cant login either... =( I am logged in here but can access beta info..
    Oct 9, 2012
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    Can't log into just get An unexpected error occurred :(
    Oct 9, 2012
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    will this game be available for the Mac users and the Mac program when it is released?
    Oct 10, 2012
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    I bought the sims 3 on the wii. I wonder if you can create multiple parties. I am French and I do not speak English very well sorry
    Oct 28, 2012
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    Its a little sad that EA even links to the wrong page for the New Sim City.. and its been over a month that it has been incorrect... Too bad I've already pre-ordered it on Origin.. Would think they would want to double check all of the software, if their own web PR group cant even do something right..
    Nov 16, 2012
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    Hello :) I am a big fan of Sim City...Sim City 4 was the most epic game i ever played...but Sim City (2013) is really bad. I hope that Maxis read this comment and make an new Sim City > Sim City 5...a true Reboot of Sim City 4.´s so sad that every sims-game gets like Facebook-Games or for i don´t know...little girls ? I am not interested in building a glass-box-city...i am interested in build a big city, even a´s not important to creat every single house an colour´s important to build a big city... Please...think about Sim City 5...and that Sim City (2013) will fail. Sincerely
    Dec 12, 2012
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    I bought some games in US, but I can't use the online part in China. Will EA develop their online service in China in the future?
    Jan 27, 2013
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