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join-the-syndicate.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Feb 21, 2012

Syndicate’s Corporate-Run Future Has Arrived

Climbing the corporate ladder is tough when the guy at the top is shooting at you. That’s why you’ll need all of your skills – and a real “go-getter” attitude – to take on today’s release of Syndicate.

Blast your way through the glass ceiling with devastating weapons and the DART 6 bio-chip – a new brand of tech sutured straight into your skull. As you play, you can use the chip to dilate time, see through walls, and even “breach” the minds of vulnerable enemies, turning them into tactical play points. Learn more about the DART chip system here.

More interested in the story? With a plot penned by Richard K. Morgan (Altered Carbon), Syndicate is about as brutal as cyberpunk gets. Load the single player campaign to step into the mind of Miles Kilo, Eurocorp’s latest prototype agent. Or, opt for Syndicate’s co-op mode, where you’ll play out the rise of Wulf Western – an upstart syndicate with a very aggressive business strategy.

Get more information on Syndicate’s features, modes, and load-out weapons on the official Syndicate website. Ready to play? Order your copy of Syndicate for the PC, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 on Origin today!

  • Syndicate Syndicate

    Visit the official Syndicate website to learn more about the game.


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    Love the game, hae how it freezes my X360 all the time.... When will a patch be out to fix the issue??
    Feb 23, 2012
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    Come on EA, unfuck this clusterfuck. Why can't I play co-op, while I can play single at the same time? If you care **** about customers, just say so, and I will stop checking your page every hour, waiting for some reaction, info about patch, or simple acknowledgment there is a issue.
    Feb 26, 2012
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    quisiera hablar con un administrador de ea por el juego de nfsworld este es mi correo entro en las mañanas hora de peru ( me bloquearon del juego )
    Mar 5, 2012
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