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join-the-syndicate.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 29, 2011

Syndicate Is Coming Back On February 21

From satellite tracking to GPS to geocaching, the world is addicted to technology. Can a future be far off where external devices are replaced by those implanted internally? Syndicate imagines a future where having brain-implanted bio-chips become the standard of living. But would such technology be used for the greater good or corporate profit? Who will be left behind in this technological revolution? The cult classic game, Syndicate, dared to addressed these ethical and moral questions in 1993. On February 21st, 2012, a re-envisioned Syndicate will usher you back to the dystopian near future plagued by the same uncertainty.

It's the year 2069 and you are a one-man army caught in the midst of a global corporate struggle for control and influence. Surrounded by corruption and deceit, all you have to rely on are your wits and the cutting-edge bio-chip technology implanted in your brain. In this dark and treacherous time, everything and everyone is digitally connected and governments bow to the overwhelming power of multinational conglomerates. The brainwashed populace is victim to the Machiavellian machinations of these Syndicates, casualties of the war for market dominance.

As prototype agent Miles Kilo, you serve at the beck and call of Eurocorp — one of three major global corporations vying for control of America. Armed with the most advanced weaponry of the digital age, you can slow down time, breach the digital world around you, see through walls, and bring down enemies with sophisticated hacking abilities in a thrilling first-person experience combining action and espionage.

Explore the sinister cyberpunk future of Syndicate on February 21st and pre-order through Origin to receive The Executive Package. Usually reserved for the upper echelons of the corporate cabals, you can flaunt your superiority with unique perks for the game’s four-player co-op campaign, solid gold versions of all loadout guns, golden dart vision, and executive gold Syndicate logos during co-op missions.

You can also download an exclusive Syndicate track remixed by DJ Skrillex when you like the Syndicate Facebook page. Keep checking back here for all the latest intel as this sci-fi FPS gets closer to release.

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