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syndicate-ninja-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jan 17, 2012

Syndicate Announces New 4-Player Co-Op Demo

January is shaping up to be the Month of the Demo. Not only did Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning release its playable preview this morning, but Syndicate has now slated a four-player co-op demo for the end of this month, inviting fans of the original series to give the new game a test run.

The Syndicate co-op demo will feature one of the nine missions available in the full version of the game. In this mission, called Western Europe, gamers have to team up to infiltrate Cayman Global, “dispose” of Colonel Enrico Gabron, and get ahold of some valuable tech blueprints. The mission will allow up to four players to participate at once.

If you haven’t seen Syndicate’s co-op play in action, take a minute to watch the preview of the upcoming demo:

Ready to engineer your own hostile takeover? Keep an eye on our blog and the official Syndicate site for more info on the upcoming demo. You can also pre-order Syndicate through Origin today for access to the exclusive Executive Package.

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