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POSTED BY Dr Ray Muzyka ON Dec 15, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Almost Live

With less than one week to go until the December 20, 2011 launch of the biggest game BioWare has ever developed, the team worldwide is working hard day and night to ensure Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ delivers a truly new experience to the MMO space.

But December 13, 2011 was also a very exciting day. Fans who pre-ordered Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ started their journey ahead with Early Game Access*. We couldn’t be more excited for our fans to finally be able to play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – and experience the game for themselves. 

I’ve had the chance to play many hundreds of hours of The Old Republic and I’m proud to say that our team has accomplished everything that we set out to do when we first partnered with LucasArts to develop the game. Despite all the time I’ve spent in the game thus far, I’m still very much looking forward to playing post-launch!

We’ve taken the timeless and renowned Star Wars™ fiction and crafted a deep and immersive experience that rings true and encompasses all of the things that Star Wars™ fans are so passionate about: archetypal heroes inspired by the movies, vast adventures spanning the iconic worlds of Star Wars, tactically-challenging and fluidly-animating combat, meaningful choices with personal consequences – the list of accomplishments goes on and on.

This is a game that will appeal to MMO fans and non-MMO fans alike: we’ve combined the best of breed features from the MMO space with significant innovations that together deliver a clear sense of purpose, and provide strong emotional engagement throughout your journey. With eight different class storylines, you’ll be able to choose your own iconic Star Wars role, each one spanning hundreds of hours. Every choice you make in The Old Republic will pave the path to your own personal Star Wars journey, as either hero, or villain.

Above all else, the game is pure fun starting with the very first choice you will make in the game – which role will you take on, which path will you choose – Empire or Republic? Will you choose the light – or fall to the dark side? Regardless of how you play and what you choose, you will always feel deeply connected to the galaxy of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Perhaps the most important thing to note is that we are treating this game as a continuous, premium service, and we will be adding new content for our fans over time, based on player feedback. This is just the start of a journey together -- an ongoing investment in our community that will evolve, grow and transform based on player feedback over the weeks, months and years ahead.

For more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic™ and Early Game Access, please visit

I look forward to seeing you in the game! On behalf of The Old Republic team, I thank you for your support and enthusiasm – and welcome you as you begin your journey in the universe of Star Wars: The Old Republic.




* Conditions and restrictions apply. See for details.