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NFS Hot Pursuit Screen 9 POSTED BY akatkin ON May 19, 2011

Step Your Game Up With Hot Pursuit's Autolog Update

The fun doesn't stop with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit! A brand new Autolog Update goes live today, and you can pick it up on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Connecting with friends and competitors is a cinch, and has even more features to keep you speeding along.

Now, you can compete with friends and compare your scores on the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Speedwall. Autolog Recommends makes it even easier to compete, since it tells you where your friends are racing and lets you challenge them. Finally, the Autolog Friends Track List lets you see exactly how far along your friends have made it, and whether or not you can leave them in your dust.

There's one more great reason to download the Autolog Update. You will get an instant $100,000 bounty reward in-game to buy a car when you register to Autolog, so get to the App Store and update!

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