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nfs-si-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 11, 2011

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Talk Need For Speed The Run

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models and Need for Speed The Run cast members, Irina Shayk and Christine Teigen, are back. In the latest behind the scenes video from their recording sessions, these lovely ladies talk about the process of being transformed from flesh-and-blood females into sexy in-game characters.

Although no strangers to photo shoots, even these seasoned models were in awe of the hundreds of cameras simultaneously capturing their performance. Their internationally renowned faces and bodies were nearly unrecognizable after being covered with body suits and motion sensors. By tracking every slight facial and body movement in detail, the Need for Speed technical wizards were able to recreate all the models' eye-catching curves in-game. Take a look at the process along with Irina's and Christine's interviews in the video below.

To see more of Irina's and Christine's work on Need for Speed The Run, be sure to check out Electronic Arts' and Sports Illustrated's "The Making of Need for Speed the Run" DVD. Sports Illustrated subscribers will receive an exclusive offer for the Need for Speed The Run value bundle — which includes the game and The Making of DVD — for just $49.95.

Need for Speed The Run will be released on November 15thPre-order your copy today on Origin and get ready for the race for your life.

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    looks like something i would buy! ;) but over all I think its something the players will enjoy. As there are two very beautiful sports models ( Irina Shayk and Christine Teigen) who are using theyre profession to enhance the gameplay of the new game:Need for Speed The Run.Right on Sports Illustrated!
    Oct 12, 2011
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