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1004x565_6.jpg POSTED BY Jen Riley ON Mar 20, 2013

Simplify Yoga Practice with Yogify

Begin your journey with free sample classes featuring fast-paced, energetic workouts which link powerful poses in succession to empower the body and the mind. Then, choose from a collection of five-class programs, ranging in difficulty from level 1-3. Accessible to beginners and challenging to experienced yogis, you can gain mastery over 275+ yoga poses with photo illustrations and audio cues, across 30+ hours of yoga and 50 progressively challenging classes.

With customizable music, photo illustrations and audio cues, you literally have a personal yoga studio in the palm of your hand, all for less than the price of a glass of wine.

The first thing you will see is one of our beautiful crowd-sourced photos that represent users like you, practicing their flow, wherever they go.

Tap the quick start button to see the initial five classes. Alternatively, you can click the Programs tab to see nine different program options. Pick the one that fits your mood and select the class you want to do. Let our created playlist lead you through the class or you set up customizable music from your own library.

Alex – our yoga guru – will lead you through class with audio cues that are timed to accompanying photos. Don’t worry if you miss something, you can always tap pause or swipe left on the screen to go back.

Press the Pose Demo button on the bottom right to get more information on any particular pose, and the Tips & Benefits to go even deeper

After completing a class, you can share progress with friends or mark it as a favorite.

Once you’ve finished your first class, head back to the Programs tab where you can purchase a 5-class pack – or the entire collection!

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