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scbi_en_723x250_header_r1.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Mar 3, 2015

SimCity BuildIt Tokyo Town Content Update Now Available

Hello, Mayors!

Since launch, SimCity BuildIt has seen two billion game sessions and players have logged over 25,000 years of gameplay which has helped grow the total population to 1.2 trillion. That’s amazing!

You can get ready to bring your cities to life in all new ways with the Tokyo Town content update, available now.

Unlock the epic, fully-animated International Airport by working up to 260,000 citizens. You can then complete missions that earn “neighborhood tokens”, like a Lucky Cat, Bonsai Tree or Lantern. These are used to create and upgrade your very own Tokyo Town neighborhoods.

Build the beautiful and iconic new Landmark, Himeji Castle, and watch hot air balloons and airships take off from your Transportation Specialization buildings and fly over your city.

You’ll also notice Tokyo Town Residential Zones, stunning new buildings that have multiple looks and upgrade levels, from classical Japanese homes to neon, post-modern skyscrapers complete with animating billboards.

We’re glad to now include iPhone 4 owners in the SimCity BuildIt fun. We’ve also made substantial improvements to the Global Market to make it easier to find and purchase items.

We love hearing from fans of the game, so please let us know what you think of the new update by tweeting us at @SimCityBuildIt or Liking us on Facebook. We’re committed to making SimCity BuildIt the best SimCity experience ever.

Build Tokyo Town. It's your kind of city. Download SimCity BuildIt on iOS and Android devices today!


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    New dlc? Really? How about fixing the biggest bugs in the game like the recycling center where it stops collecting trash. I don't think anyone is willing to pay for some ****** dlc until the game gets "out of alpha version". EA = Biggest joke ever.
    Mar 14, 2015
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