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syndicate-gunner.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Nov 1, 2011

Second Syndicate Pay Day Delivers A New Look At Co-Op

When business is war, Pay Day’s a godsend – and Syndicate just delivered one very fat paycheck. Tear open today’s envelope for access to 11 new screen shots and a video of the game’s four player co-op in action.

Today’s “Hostile Takeover” screen shots showcase the gleaming corporate towers and sun-bleached industrial parks that emerge between bursts of Syndicate gunfire. You’ll also get a peek at some of the characters and weapons available in the four player co-op mode. Want to see it all in action? Check out the new co-op preview video, featuring a just-released remix of the Syndicate theme song by Digitalism:

In case you missed it, Syndicate also has a Dev Diary by Ben O’Donnell posted and ready for consumption. In it, O'Donnell talks about the inspiration behind the game’s co-op mode.

Pre-order Syndicate on Origin to initiate your own hostile takeover and get access to the Executive Package, featuring solid gold versions of all load-out guns in co-op, golden dart chip vision, and more.

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