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scrabble-ipad-news-item-asset.png POSTED BY EA Staff ON Dec 17, 2012

SCRABBLE: How Do You Play?

Are you a left-brain or right-brain SCRABBLE player? Do you organize your tile rack alphabetically?  Today, we published the results of a user poll that shows how the digital SCRABBLE community plays, along with some staggering SCRABBLE trivia (one avid SCRABBLER played 9,374 turns!). 

With cross-platform functionality designed to let you connect and play the popular word game with friends across Android, iOS devices, Kindle and Facebook, it’s no wonder SCRABBLE users are racking up so many words these days.

See below for some of the findings that demonstrate how fans play their favorite word game.  And if you're ready to issue your own word-smithing challenge, don't forget to download the app for free on the App Store.

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    Wanting advice / / strategy guidance. Is it more advantageous or wiser to play for higher points and expose triple or double letter placement for opponent?? Or give up 4-8 points and inhibit opponent from using nearby high scoring placement?? I usually advocate the safer play. Look forward to all comments on this issue. Who thinks what?? Peace.
    Jan 18, 2013
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