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Tuesday_Exclusive_DAOHeaderV2.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON May 19, 2014

Score Dragon Age: Origins on PC with the EA Tuesday Exclusive

Each week, the EA Tuesday Exclusive gives you something that can’t be found anyplace else. And this week, that means a free PC game!

Our friends at Origin are ready to hook you up with a PC download code for Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition, which includes Dragon Age: Origins, the Awakening Expansion Pack, and all nine content packs. 

Want one for yourself? All you have to do is follow us on Twitter. We’ll have five chances for fans to win, starting at noon PDT. 

If you haven’t made the EA Tuesday Exclusive a part of your week, now is a great time to start. Sometimes we'll have a sneak preview, other times it’s behind-the-scenes content from one of your favorite franchises, but it’s always something you haven’t seen before. 

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