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female-shepard-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Aug 17, 2011

Round 2 of Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard Voting

Every Mass Effect fan knows the face of Male Shepard, but what about Female Shepard? Last month's first round of voting narrowed the field of five concepts down to one badass female commander. Now that the people have spoken, Bioware's official Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard is coming into focus. Starting today, you can vote on the winning FemShep's complexion details (blonde, light brown, red, and black hair) to further mold her image.

In Mass Effect 3 Commander Shepard continues her quest to put an end to the Reaper threat. Set on total galactic domination, the Reapers have left nothing but a trail of destruction in their wake, and Earth is their next target. Shepard must lead the counter assault to take her back her race's home planet in this sci-fi action adventure. The price of failure is extinction.

Only you, as Shepard, can determine how events will play out. Pre-order your copy of Mass Effect 3 on Origin and prepare for galactic war.

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