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reckoning-slash-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jan 11, 2012

Reckoning Demo To Include Exclusive Bonuses For ME3

With R.A. Salvatore penning Amalur’s lore, most fans of fantasy won’t need to think twice before downloading the upcoming demo for Reckoning. But for sci-fi fans who usually eschew dragons, knights, and claymores, there’s a different reason to play: two unlockable in-game bonuses for Mass Effect 3.

Gamers who play through the Reckoning demo – which will be available for download on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE, and Origin on Tuesday, January 17 – will discover a treasure trove of bonus content in the demo's hour and a half of play, including three in-game items that can be used in the full version of Reckoning and two in-game items to play with in Mass Effect 3.

Bonuses for Reckoning include a Twist of Fate Card and the Twinned Souls Chakram, as well as the Infernal Helm. Players can unlock the first two items by installing the demo, then complete it to claim the helm.

For Mass Effect 3 players, the Reckoning demo offers up a unique opportunity to claim a suit of Todd McFarlane-designed Reckoner Knight Armor. You’ll also get the exclusive Chakram Launcher – a “saucer gun” that fires explosive, lightweight discs – when you complete the demo in its entirety:

Chakram Launchers

If you’re a fan of both games, you may also want to keep an eye out for the upcoming Mass Effect 3 demo, which will allow you to unlock a set of Omniblade Daggers for use in Reckoning:

Omniblade Daggers

Check out the official crossover details and FAQ, then pre-order Reckoning on Origin to get the N7-inspired Shephard’s Battle Armor and the Fate-Touched Weapons Bonus Pack.

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    Так всё-таки где и когда скачать демо версию игры???
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    ещё нету)
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    вот тут будет ссылка на PC версию, но пока что только на xbox есть
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    Да про XBOX знаю,на ютубе уже видео прохождения(я,на пример,от немцев смотрел=))а для нас ни чего...
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    product key for need for speed world inside , tank you key {PGXIC-EAPAL-EY6WT} DON'T ACTIVATED
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