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POSTED BY bolson ON May 6, 2009

Pre E3 2009 - EA3's Got Game


The stakes are high at this year's game show. E3 2009 is bringing back the spectacle and the booth babes. It's a dangerous combination - that kind of excitement, with the intense volume levels, crowds, lines and sensory overload, can make it a challenge for people to focus on the games.

And focus is exactly what the media needs to do. With everything from game reviews to selecting the Game Critics Best of E3 Awards, the media has their hands full examining all of the titles at the show. To make sure the media gets ample time with the game, EA is holding a pre-E3 show, known as EA3, this week at their Los Angeles campus. The LA Facilities team has gone into over-drive this week, setting up special game rooms in every conceivable open space and providing comfy chairs and HD TVs to showcase some of this year's hottest titles.

Battlefield 1943

On Thursday, the media will have the opportunity to play everything. Reporters can practice their topspin in Grand Slam Tennis or play as Jack Black starring as Eddie Riggs, a roadie sucked into a mythical Age of Rock to fight evil in Brutal Legend.

The countdown to E3 2009 has begun and you're not going to want to miss this inside look at the EA3 event. Look for a full recap of the event this weekend!

  • Brütal Legend Brütal Legend

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