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01222013-Yogify-marquee2.jpg POSTED BY Jen Riley ON Mar 21, 2013

Practice Your Flow Wherever You Go

Yoga can be intimidating, right? We’ve all seen the ladies in leggings carrying their lattes and mats on the way to a studio. You think: “there’s no way I’m doing that.” You figure they must be more flexible than you are and somehow better, right?


Honestly, I couldn’t touch my toes when I started yoga. Not even close. I started to practice yoga from watching a DVD in my bedroom. I would do the same class over and over again while wearing my pajamas. Soon I got better, but the DVD didn’t get better with me.

This is where the amazing technology of smart phones and tablets blows my mind! Now I can practice yoga in my PJs while my daughter is sleeping, and I have 50 classes at my fingertips.

A 15-minute class to wake up with on a Monday? Not a problem. How about a 60-minute class that will kick my butt in a hotel room if I’m traveling for work? We’ve got that, too.

Yogify allows you to practice your flow, wherever you go. Even if the only place you’re going is to the end of your bed.

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