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CHOI-IPHP_choice_banner_656x369_R1.jpg POSTED BY asdavidson ON May 13, 2011

Vote on your favorite EA games for iOS during the Players' Choice Sale!

NBA Jam? Dead Space? Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12? How about Reckless Racing or Max and the Magic Marker? What EA games would YOU like to get on sale on the App Store?

Let’s vote on it! We’ve teamed with editors from several top gaming sites, and they’ve each responded with their nominations for favorite EA games for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Now, YOU can choose the winners. Just vote on your favorites at each of the participating sites, and we’ll put the most popular choices ON SALE – as recommended by you, the players. Save 50% or more!

Sites taking part in the first ever Players’ Choice Sale event include: Appmodo, GamePro,, Games Radar, IGN, Mac Life, and The Daily. We’ll also be polling our own EA Mobile Facebook community.

Here’s how you can play along:

  • From May 9 to May 15, visit the participating sites to see their nominees and vote on your favorites. Check the sites to see when their polls are open.
  • Then, the week of May 16, we’ll be announcing the Players’ Choice winners from each site. Look for each of these fan favorite Players’ Choice games to be on sale at big discounts.
  • Tell your friends to vote! We’re looking to determine the real Players’ Choice games, and every vote counts.

Of course, you’re welcome to campaign for your favorites, and you even might debate some of the final choices. That’s okay, too. Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter @EA Mobile and let the world know what you think.