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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 9, 2011

NHL 12's Hockey Ultimate Team Rolls Out New Content

In NHL 12's Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT), you have the power to mix and match your favorite players from across the NHL and place them on one team…as long as you play your cards right. Collect player cards in HUT and shape them into a unified team, balancing chemistry, working out individual contracts, and trading out positions to find your perfect combination and dominate the rink.

The new HUT video features a string of additions you'll find in this year's mode. The all-new legend cards will add new historic superstar players to your lineup, while the new injury cards can be used to get downed players right back in the game. HUT will also be updated weekly with three Stars of the Week cards based on real NHL 11/12 season information. And the addition of multiple lineups allows you to freely test out different tactics and player combinations.

You can now play directly with a friend, too, and place your customized squads against theirs. But when your friends aren't around, the new EA Ultimate Hockey League 24/7 will be at your disposal. There, you'll have the ability to play other user created teams even while offline.

NHL 12 is ready to bring home all the intensity and action of professional hockey. In addition to the new HUT features, this year's game will include more Legends features, expansive goalie interaction, enhanced Be a Pro and Be a GM modes, improved physics, and Action Tracker, which monitors every detail of simulated games and allows you to jump into games as they're simulating. Sharpen your skates and get ready to hit the ice on September 13th. Pre-order your copy on Origin, today.