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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jul 6, 2011

New Contributors Joining The Beat Blog

Hello and welcome to the new We hope you’re enjoying the new look and content we’ve added to the site since our recent relaunch in June. We know there are a lot of sites where you can get news about EA, and we’re working hard to find the extra elements that make this one unique.

To that end, we’ve decided to add posts to this blog that will connect you directly with our management team – the creative leaders and executives who run EA. You can still expect to find all the latest news about all things EA in this space, but going forward you can also expect to hear the thoughts and perspective of the very people who run EA – creative heads, label presidents and other senior leaders. They’ll give you a perspective on the issues and creative breakthroughs that make gaming so exciting.

Over the years, EA has evolved the means of communicating with you, our consumers and partners. We’ve used a wide variety of communication formats, including web sites, speeches at industry conferences, product events and interviews in the media. In each of those formats, an intermediary always carried our message to you, our consumers and fans who play our games. This blog won't replace those communications - but we hope it will deliver a channel for us to connect with you personally.  This blog also won’t be perfect – we’ll never be able to provide a solution to every question or comment – but we will work hard to grow this space and use it to open a more direct communication channel between EA leaders and you, the fans and players of EA games.

Please let us know what you think about our new initiative by posting a note in the comments section below.