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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 13, 2011

Need For Speed The Run European Car Trailer Released

Jack’s life as a marked man isn’t all bad. Sure, he has to risk his life in an illegal, cross-country race where 200 of the most ruthless drivers in the world would love to see him reduced to road kill. But at least he can enjoy what may be his last moments gunning the engine on some of the finest feats of automotive engineering to come out of Europe, in Need for Speed The Run.

The new Need for Speed The Run European Car trailer pulls back the curtain on some of the sweet imported rides at Jack’s disposal, highlighting the sleek lines, dangerous curves, and hot bodies of the fastest cars to ever cross the pond. They're almost enough to make a man enjoy racing for his life. This selection of breathtaking cars is the only thing that can keep Jack breathing as he speeds past avalanches, rockslides, gun-happy helicopters, and the vicious competitors willing to beat him to the finish line by any means necessary.

In Need for Speed The Run, Jack owes an enormous debt to the wrong people. With no other options and nothing left to lose, Jack enters The Run, a high-stakes race from San Francisco to New York. Three thousand miles stand between Jack and his only chance at survival, and crossing the finish line first means the difference between life and death – not to mention a $25 million prize.

Slip behind the wheel and get ready to race for your life. You can download the Need for Speed The Run demo starting October 18, 2011. The full version hits stores on November 15, 2011. Pre-order your copy on Origin today.

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