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MUT Auctions POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Jul 6, 2012

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Hi Ultimate Team Fans! I’m Tom Lischke, Producer for Madden Ultimate Team. For those who may be unfamiliar with the mode we affectionately refer to as MUT, in this mode you accumulate cards to create your dream team composed of current NFL stars and the Legends of the game. Starting with your free starter team, build your roster through auctions, trades, game rewards or by adding players through card packs. You can also complete collections with your cards to unlock some of the best players in the game. But the best part is that you get to take the team you have created and test it against other Ultimate Teams or against scenarios we set up each week.

As some of the veterans know well, Ultimate Team turns 4 this year, and we’re taking our biggest leap forward to date. We are delivering major upgrades in gameplay, card management and content.

When you get started in Madden Ultimate Team 13, you’ll again be given a free starter team. This year, you’ll also be able to choose a star player to serve as the captain of your initial squad. Each of the 32 NFL teams will be represented, and you’ll get a training camp version of that player. To let you customize your team right from the start, you’ll also be given a coach and the uniforms to match that team.

If you are a returning Ultimate Team player, there are a couple of ways to jump start your team based on your activity last year. There are five activity-based reward packs available that you can check out in the Gridiron Club Loyalty Rewards section. The 2012 NFL Draft was a major event in Ultimate Team, and if you participated, it is time to take advantage of it. You can now take the 30 Rookies released into Madden Ultimate Team 12 and put them into collections so that they will carry over into Madden Ultimate Team 13. Stats on those rookies will be updated through the season based on their game performance.

New this year is Solo Challenges, an exciting new way to utilize your Ultimate Team. Take on current NFL rosters, Team of the Week squads based on events in the NFL and additional premium games. In this format, winning unlocks additional games in sequences. For instance, playing through the Giants preseason schedule will be fairly easy, with lower rewards, but winning all of the games in the Giants regular season sequence will be much tougher. More challenging still will be beating a fantasy Team of the Week. Additional challenges will be released all season long, possibly even including the ability to take on a version of the top Ultimate Teams rosters.


For Madden Ultimate Team 13, the best place to keep up with all the latest information will be at Whether you’re looking for an update on the latest promo, release schedules for content or information on your Ultimate Team, this is the place to be.

Building up your Ultimate Team is easier than ever this year. At launch, all of the packs will be available for coins you earn through games and auctions, and you’ll no longer have to buy coin packs. Also, for the first time you’ll be able to get bundles of packs for a discounted cost. And speaking of packs, we’ve added some fun to the pack opening experience.

We’ve revised auctions to make it easier to get the card you want on the auction block, and made it easier than ever to get the best possible return on your extra cards. You’ll be free to post whatever initial coin cost you like, and to set a buyout price of your choosing (limited to a 10,000,000 coin max). Veteran Ultimate Team fans will know that last year initial price and buyout maximums were limited by the tier of the card being auctioned, but we’ve removed those restrictions.

One of the most exciting changes to Ultimate Team is the addition of a Reserve Card area. Instead of being limited to 100 cards total, you can now place your extra cards into your Reserves. Cards in Reserves can be moved back into your Active cards at any time to add them to your lineup, trade them, slot them in a collection or place them on the auction block.

We’ve also added a new type of bonus Legend collection reward to Ultimate Team this year. Completing these collections will allow you to start a career with that Legend in Connected Careers. Once you’ve unlocked a Legend in Connected Careers you’ll still be able to use them in Ultimate Team, but you can’t trade or auction their card. However, if you choose not to play Connected Careers you’ll retain the ability to trade or auction your Legend, and then you can learn exactly how much fellow Ultimate Team owners value the NFL’s all-time greatest players.

All of these new features are great, but let’s get to the good stuff. Who are the players that you’ll be building your Ultimate Team with this year?

We’ve more than doubled the amount of Legends that will be available at launch, including some of the greatest who ever walked on an NFL field. Here are just a few of them:

·         Joe Montana

·         Warren Moon

·         Troy Aikman

·         Steve Young

·         Otto Graham

·         Emmitt Smith

·         Deion Sanders

·         Shannon Sharpe

·         “Mean” Joe Greene

·         Derrick Brooks

·         Dick “Night Train” Lane

·         Rod Woodson

·         Ronnie Lott

We’ll be delivering a great core set, including collections for each team, to start the season. But that is just the beginning. Each week we’ll be launching updated versions of players that made a difference on the field. Ultimately, we’ll have more content releases than ever before. If it matters in the NFL, we’ll bring it to you. Throughout the week we’ll also be releasing new collections and Solo Challenges that let you take on scenarios from that week’s games. If AP goes for 250 yards, you’ll get to try to stop him. If Rodgers throws for 350 yards and 4 TDs you get to see if you can top his performance.

We’re looking forward to our best season yet, and are excited to have you come along for the ride!

Tom Lischke


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