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09142012-MUT13-Blogheader.jpg POSTED BY Donny Amlin ON Sep 13, 2012

MUT Basics from a MUT Expert

Hey everybody, my name is Donny Amlin (ryuryu2949 on ps3), and I was no math major, but I do know that:

Madden video games + fantasy football + football card collecting = Madden Ultimate Team.

So, what is Madden Ultimate Team?  In short, it is my favorite mode in Madden.  First included as a mid-season update in 2010, Madden Ultimate Team (or “MUT” for short) has become addictive for myself and many other Madden NFL Fans.

Back to the equation above.  Madden video games, well that is obvious, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t enjoy Madden NFL 13.  Fantasy football?  Like in fantasy football, your job in MUT is to build your team from the ground up.  And, like in fantasy football, you can’t just have all studs on your team, at least not right away--- instead, you have to work for it.  You begin with a starter deck of “bronze” players, who are mostly backup NFL players.  Play some online games against other MUT players, or against the computer, and you will earn Madden coins, which will allow you to buy “packs” of MUT cards that have higher-caliber players.  The mode is completely free, but if you want to jump into some of the more valuable packs, you have the option of using Microsoft points or PSN currency right away.

So, back to packs.  This is where football card collecting comes into play.  You buy packs, which contain player cards, and other types of cards such as coaches, stadiums, uniforms, and playbooks.  Legendary packs contain at least one legendary NFL player, such as Joe Montana, Lawrence Taylor, and Emmitt Smith, among many others.  The packs may contain rare or “limited edition” cards, and opening a MUT pack in hopes of landing one of those cards brings me back to my childhood days of buying sports cards packs looking for that valuable rookie or rare autographed card.

Your job is to build the best squad possible in hopes of dominating the competition.  In addition to accumulating players in packs, you can also use your Madden coins to buy players from the “auction house,” which is MUT’s version of a stock market.  Also, along the way, you can improve your team by completing collections (such as team collections or uniform collections, for example), which require to find certain cards that comprise those collections, and by playing “solo challenges,” which are scenario-based games that pit you up against the computer with, for example, the Cowboy “Triplets” of Aikman, Emmitt, and Irvin.  There already 90 collections and more than 70 solo challenges available, with new ones being added each week.

In short, there are tons of things to do in MUT to help build your team.  If you like building and managing a team, like in Fantasy Football, or have ever been into sports card collecting, I promise that you will enjoy Madden Ultimate Team as much as I and many others enjoy it.

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