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madden-25-mobile-playoffs.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Jan 8, 2014

Madden NFL 25 Mobile Playoffs

Get ready to power through to the Super Bowl with the Madden NFL 25 playoffs! Read below for details on the new playoffs pack, collectible players, collections, and solo challenges.


Available now for a limited time only is the brand new playoffs pack. Each pack contains two platinum and three gold players, as well as a chance at a collectible playoff player (see below). These are available in the store for 22 Madden Cash.


Each playoff team features a new unique player available only in playoffs packs. These players will increase in rating every time their team wins a playoff game. For example, Peyton Manning will start at 89 and will end up at 99 OVR if the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl.


These new time-sensitive collections represent each of the remaining teams still in the playoffs. You’ll need four platinum players from the same team - plus that team’s one collectible player from playoffs packs - to complete these collections. Act quickly, since these collections expire 15 minutes before their games begin! As a reward, you’ll receive a 10,000 coin payout. Team collections of winning teams will unlock a new solo challenge the following week with a massive reward, so be sure to focus on collections of teams you think are going to win!


There are also special solo challenges available for completing the winning teams' collection. These will be available only by completing the winning team’s collection before the televised game begins. These solo challenges offer a massive 25,000 coin reward for completing them, so be sure to complete the collections of teams that you think are going to win.

Remember to check back throughout the week as new content is added to Madden NFL 25 mobile regularly, and good luck in the playoffs!


Madden NFL 25 is now available on Apple and Android devices. Join the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter pages.