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da2-mota-tallis-combat.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 19, 2011

Mark of the Assassin DLC Trailer for Dragon Age 2

What starts as a simple invitation sets into motion a chain of events that culminates in a bloody ambush. As the pieces fall into place, it's clear that the mysterious elf assassin Tallis is at the center of the incident. Thus begins Mark of the Assassin, the newest DLC for Dragon Age 2.

A brand new trailer provides the first look at the new chapter in the rise of Hawke. With relish, the dwarf rogue Varric narrates this untold tale of how the Champion of Kirkwall joined forces with Tallis, a stealthy companion with her own agenda, to attempt an unprecedented theft., Though a thief by trade, Tallis isn't afraid to break cover and demonstrate her athletic battle abilities in open combat when necessary. Nimbly evading her foes, she unleashes her blades with precision and ferocity.

She and Hawke must overcome staggering odds in their quest. The difficult road ahead is littered with lethal obstacles and ruthless adversaries. Their target is the Heart of Many, a prized jewel that has been sealed away within a heavily secured vault. It lies deep within an impregnable fortress surrounded by roving, aggressive monsters. Within the fortress walls the private army of Orlesian Chevaliers standing guard, and beyond them a multitude of traps await. Odds are slim but no doubt Tallis has a few tricks up her sleeve.

You can live each thrilling moment of this high stakes heist for yourself when Mark of the Assassin comes out on October 11th.

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