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da2-mota-wyvern-playground.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 16, 2011

Mark of the Assassin DLC Announced for Dragon Age 2

A sacred relic. Overwhelming odds. An uneasy alliance. Fans of Dragon Age 2 can look forward to a new chapter in the legendary journeys of the Champion of Kirkwall. In the recently announced Mark of the Assassin DLC, players can revisit the realm of Ferelden for an all-new adventure.

A precious relic, the Heart of Many, lies under heavy guard in a fortified Orlesian estate. Even the legendary Champion of Kirkwall is not equipped to retrieve it alone. To succeed in this quest, Hawke requires skilled assistance and must turn to an untested new ally. Internet superstar Felicia Day lends her vocal talents to revisit her role as the Tallis from the highly anticipated Dragon Age: Redemption web series. A mysterious elf assassin with an agenda of her own, she brings a stealthy combat style to the party.

You can look forward to the release of Mark of the Assassin on October 11th. Additional details are coming on September 18th, so check back here for more information as it's revealed.

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