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madden-ultimate-team-collections-headers.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Apr 1, 2013

Build Madden Ultimate Team Collections

Looking for a way to cash in on those valuable reserve items on your Madden Ultimate Team? Use them to complete collections and get an edge on the competition.


Earn coins and item rewards for your reserve items by completing collections. Browse through the different collections, and check the items that are required to complete them.

To add an item to a collection, move it to your Current Roster and from there, add it to Pending Collections. This is a bin that holds 10 items at a time. Move to the collection and the items in your Pending Collections bin will be highlighted. Complete your collection and your reward will trigger automatically. Check collections often, since more are added often.

Players can also complete collections to gain rare items, and special promotions throughout the year will offer rare players with significant stat boosts.


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