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M13-MobileBlog-HeaderImg.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Oct 29, 2012

Madden NFL 13 Social

Madden NFL 13 Social for Mobile Apple iOS and Facebook is a cross-platform online game that allows for quick bursts of competitive gameplay no matter where you are. It’s free to play on your iPhone, releasing this NFL Season. Pick-up and play anywhere and challenge your friends. When you are on a computer, you can also switch to the game on Facebook. Take your love of football with you 24/7. Play when you feel like it, play when you have a minute to spare, or play when you have hours to compete, play Madden NFL 13 Social for Mobile, your way on your time.

Release Date: Available Now
Players: 1-2
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Madden Crossfire is a multiplayer, turn-based football versus friends game mode. Complete a drive and pass it on. Play short drives, anywhere from just a few seconds to a few minutes. It’s an offensive shootout. You don’t have to control defense and there’s no wait. Play out your drives with the new Madden mobile 3D gameplay engine. On Facebook, Call your plays and simulate your drives with the Madden SuperSim engine. You can have multiple games going with different friends, even if you are on Facebook and they use their iPhone or iPad.

Madden Mobile


Start off with a full team of NFL players, absolutely FREE. Win coins for playing games. Use your earnings to build the ultimate lineup of NFL stars by purchasing new players and plays for coins in the game store. You can even sell or acquire players on the auction block for coins.

Madden Mobile


You can take the game with you. Whether you are on your laptop at work or your mobile phone at home, start your game on either platform and continue it on another. You can use Facebook Connect to find your friends and start games or you can play on mobile without connecting to Facebook.


Find the exact players you are looking for in the Auction House. Use the coins you’ve earned to make bids and acquire the best NFL players. You can also sell your own players on the auction block to build up more coins.

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Set your team up for success with talent on the field and a strong playbook. At the core of Madden NFL 13 Social is a card-based team management system. Stocking your team with higher-rated players means a better chance of success when you take the field. In addition to players, you will be able to flesh out both your offensive and defensive playbooks by adding new plays. Both player cards and plays can be purchased with coins you’ll earn from competing against other Madden NFL 13 Social players.

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