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defensive-back-tips.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Sep 9, 2013

Playing Lockdown Pass Coverage in Madden NFL 25

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Today's Game Changers blog comes to us from “ZFarls,” who co-writes the official strategy guides for both Madden NFL and NCAA Football 14, and also runs Follow him on Twitter at @MaddenBible.


Learning how to play lockdown pass coverage in Madden NFL 25 is very important when trying to improve your game. No matter which of the 32 NFL teams you choose, it’s important to vary your play calling. Study your depth chart to learn your team’s strengths in the secondary, and adjust your gameplan accordingly.



For teams that have fast cornerbacks with good Man Coverage ratings, we like to play about 70 percent Man versus 30 percent Zone. Don’t forget to check the ratings of the WR’s your players will be covering.



If your team has a slower secondary with good Zone Coverage ratings, we like to play about 70 percent Zone and 30 percent Man. Every type of zone coverage has a weakness, but by varying up your play calls can confuse your opponent into costly mistakes.



Wrapping up on tackles is a crucial part of playing defense in Madden NFL 25.If a player has good hit power, try and go for a potential game-changing Hit Stick. This tackle is more difficult to execute, so assess the risk/reward of the Hit Stick. With new heat-seeker tackling in Madden NFL 25, your tackler will take a proper angle and wrap up the ball carrier. By tapping the tackle button you can now go for a dive tackle and make the highlight reel. 



Use the Ballhawk controls to get defenders in position to intercept a pass. By making sure to mix up your play calls and aggressiveness on defense, and force your opponent into making mistakes and throwing interceptions. 



The quickest way to improve on defense is to control either the middle linebacker or safety. By roaming around the field in a Zone defense, you can use Ball Hawk and heat-seeker tackling to become a huge factor in the play. Learn the ropes of the new controls and start making plays all over the field.


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