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me3-comic-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 29, 2011

Limited Edition Mass Effect Novel Now Available

As the leader of Cerberus, The Illusive Man is a prominent and influential advocate for humanities dominance in space. Despite his status as the leader of a notorious organization, the man himself remains a mysterious and enigmatic figure. Who was he before he was the Illusive Man? How did this man become one of the most powerful forces in the entire galaxy? Mass Effect 3’s Lead Writer Mac Walters takes us back in time to discover the true origin of the Illusive Man in the graphic novel Mass Effect: Evolution.

As humanity first began to explore what awaited them beyond the Milky Way, it was thrust in to an intergalactic war. One man delved deeper in to alien territory and what he found changed history forever. Follow this man on his path of discovery that ultimately led him to become the esoteric leader known as the Illusive Man.

Mass Effect: Evolution is a must have for fans of the epic Mass Effect series. This essential graphic novel will only be available in limited quantities and is being sold exclusively at the BioWare Store for $19.99. Be sure to grab your copy today

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