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Transfer Updates POSTED BY lsmith ON Feb 22, 2011

January Transfer Update

Tomorrow/today is the big squad update when all the January transfer moves become available. Fernando Torres will be in your Chelsea squad, Andy Carroll lines up for Liverpool and Charlie Adam, erm, stays at Blackpool.

Why does it take so long?

We know that it seems like an incredibly long time to get the January transfer action ready for you to use, but it’s a complicated process that has to be tailored to and tested on each individual platform. We have literally 1000s of researchers across the world reviewing the database and making sure that every detail for every team and every league that we use is spot on. We want to get it right for you, and that takes time.

When, exactly, is it happening?

*UPDATED!* Wednesday 23 February... 5pm GMT for Xbox 360 and PS3 (approximately); PC should be live between 7pm and midnight.

Which platforms are getting the updates?

PS3 and Xbox 360 are getting the updates tomorrow. It will be a little bit longer for people using PCs and other platforms.

How do I get the updates?

  • Load up FIFA 11
  • Navigate to My FIFA 11
  • Edit Teams
  • Squads
  • Download updates (assumes you’re signed in)

What changes can we expect?

The top five has some familiar names: Messi, Casilla, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Villa and Drogba. You should expect to see stat boosts for Premier League players like Gareth Bale and the afore-mentioned Andy Carroll and Charlie Adam. Chelsea remain the highest rated English Premier League team with an 83, equalled by Real Madrid and Barcelona in Europe.

You can hear more details about the changes and what goes in to getting this update ready from producer Matthew Smith on last week’s FIFA 11 podcast.

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