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656x369-blogheader.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Jan 24, 2013

HUT Consumables Premium Pack Now Available!

The limited time only HUT Consumables Premium Pack is available for a 24 hour period, beginning today, January 24th at 10 am PT. The pack includes 12 consumables items, including five rare items.

What are Consumables?

Consumables are important items that keep your HUT team running. Consumables include contract, training and healing items, among others. You need contracts for each active player in your roster and once these run out, you must apply another contract item before the player can play in another game. Training items give your players an added boost and healing items allow your injured player to return to the lineup sooner.

NEW! Training Duration Item Added

Based on fan feedback, we have added a new item in HUT that allows you to keep your training item applied for multiple games. This new Duration item can be applied to your already trained player to ensure that training boost will last the given number of games as shown on the Duration item.

Thanks for the feedback! Keep playing Hockey Ultimate Team and don’t forget to pick up your HUT Consumables Premium Pack today!

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