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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 15, 2011

Honey Badgers Come to NBA JAM

Honey Badgers may not give a hoot, but I'm sure you will when you find out where they're holding court. That's right, you can play as the renowned Internet superstars in NBA JAM: On Fire Edition. The Mascots team won't know what hit them when Sleepy, Feisty, and Nasty grab the rock.

Randall, the original voice of the infamous Honey Badger video, is on hand to narrate the triumphs and failures of these in-your-face omnivores as they take on Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, and Orlando. They don't need jerseys to tell anyone who they are; their moves speak for themselves. You can see them bust some Razzle Dazzle on the opposition in the new video.

The bestselling NBA JAM is getting a new edition focusing exclusively on the core 2 on 2 gameplay, boasting improved AI, new moves and modes, an expanded online experience, and hundreds of tweaks to create the most thrilling, refined NBA JAM experience to date. This new, download-only version is set for release on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Get ready to heat up this October. Boom-shaka-laka!