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How To Upload Your FIFA 12 Goals POSTED BY Alistair Reid ON Sep 27, 2011

Goals of the Week | How To Upload Your FIFA 12 Goals

It’s back! Like a slumbering mythological beast, Goals of the Week has returned to bring the Internet to its knees as we wreak awesome goals all over your WWW-DOT. But have you got a goalazo that you want to share with the FIFA community? Have you caressed the goal bag and feel it’s worthy of inclusion in our weekly Best-of-the-Best? Then read on for how to enter:

Step 1) You’ve scored an amazing goal – now share it with the world!

Cycle through to ‘Match Highlights’ and select your goal.

Select your goal from match highlights

2) Fiddle around with the various camera angles, slow motion and options (there are loads!) until you’re happy.

Fiddle around with camera angles and other options

3) Press the upload button to send that goal to

Upload your goal to EA SPORTS Football

4) Check out your goal by logging into EA SPORTS Your effort will be under My Videos/My Media. Copy the link and paste it into a comment box on this very page. Look – down there with the others.

Leave the link to your goal in the comments area

That's it! Each week the EA SPORTS Football Community team will pick the best efforts from the submissions and create an Internet-breaking compilation of goal-scoring brilliance. You score ‘em, we put them on the world stage. Good luck!

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