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POSTED BY crash7800 ON Aug 25, 2011

More Gamescom Accolades for Battlefield 3

Not content to settle for winning Gamescom’s official 2011 Best of Show award, Battlefield has continued to rack up awards and praise, and even the mainstream press is taking note. USA Today says that Battlefield “could be [a legend] of the Fall,” and proclaimed that “Battlefield 3 brings the shock and awe,” going on to say that, “So much is destructible in Battlefield 3 that it makes you feel like you have a real impact on your environment. And even the lighting feels like a real character.”

If that wasn’t enough, our friends in gaming news had great things to say, too. GamePro wasn’t afraid to admit to “drooling” over our Caspian Border Trailer and Kotaku’s still looking for their socks after we blew them off. Best of all, chose Battlefield 3 as its "Game of Gamescom 2011" - it's truly an honor!

It’s great to see that so many people are already excited to get more than just the small taste we gave them. With the beta coming up next month, they won’t have to wait long. Stay tuned for an exact date and even more “legendary, awesome, drool-inducing and sock-blasting” information and media!

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