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POSTED BY slaperre ON Jul 17, 2009

Download FIFA Ultimate Team for $4.99

Join the hundreds of thousands of other FIFA 09 PS3 gamers who have extended their FIFA 09 experience by downloading FIFA Ultimate Team for a discounted price. From July 16th to July 23rd you can download the mode for only $4.99! Please check the PSN Store for the latest updates.

How to get FIFA Ultimate Team

1. Select 'Ultimate Team' from FIFA09 menu and Choose your language.
2. You will be taken to the PSN Store, click and download the free trial
3. Once download complete, Press the button and choose 'Quit Game'.
4. Restart FIFA 09
5. Scroll down to "FIFA09 Ultimate Team - [Language]' and press < X > to install.
6. Once installed, restart FIFA09 again
7. Select 'Ultimate Team' from FIFA09 menu
8. Enter your team name, watch the intro video, and open your first starter pack!
9. Press < X > to go to Line Up screen & < O > to go to the Ultimate Team Main Menu.
10. Follow Main Menu -> Buy, Trade, Collect -> PlayStation®Store and Select 'Purchase'
11. Select the FIFA09 Ultimate Team Premium Unlock for a half price
12. Once download is complete you now have access to the full version!

Stay tuned for further updates for Xbox 360 gamers.

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    Visit the official FIFA 09 Ultimate Team website to learn more about the game.