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fifa-14-manager-tasks-header.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Sep 25, 2013

FIFA Ultimate Team - Manager Tasks

Learn more about FIFA 14 Ultimate Team by completing 13 specially-designed manager tasks, each meant to give you a better idea of the mode.

These tasks include:

  • Change Club Name
  • Apply Contract
  • Apply Fitness Item
  • Apply Chemistry Style Item
  • Change Active Badge
  • Change Active Kit
  • Change Active Ball
  • Change Active Stadium
  • Buy an Item from the Transfer Market (Buy Now)
  • List a Player on the Transfer Market
  • Play first Tournament Match
  • Play First Seasons Match
  • Play First TOTW Challenge Match

Tasks can be completed at your own leisure, in any order, within a very short time frame.

Upon completing all thirteen tasks, you will be rewarded with a special gift.

Learn more about FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

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